Amy Loflin – Speaker


Living in Freedom

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!

Oh, how I would much rather be sitting across from you, great cup of coffee in hand, and hearing all about YOU. One of my greatest joys is to witness God’s workmanship woven within each person’s story. I believe that He longs for each of us to be UNLEASHED from captivities such as perfectionism, shame, grief, pain, and unforgiveness… set free to live in FREEDOM!

Relatable & Genuine

“Amy is the real deal!  A more relatable and genuine human will not be found.  She will feel like your best friend from the first few minutes she starts speaking.  All of this with an authentic heart following hard after Jesus, makes Amy the wonderful woman God created her to be.”

Kimberly Bambach, event attendee

I will ask her back!

“I have personally known Amy for years. She is extremely professional and has a honest desire to help men and women break free of those things that are holding them back. I can attest to the fact that she puts her heart into her communication and presentation! Following her speaking engagement with our team, I was inspired by her subject matter for the occasion, the application of her content, and her ability to relate to the audience. I will ask her back!”

Eric Waldrop, Executive Pastor, The Summit Church

Let’s Talk Events

Amy delights in speaking with audiences of men, women, and/or teens, inspiring them to live unleashed in the freedom that a relationship with Jesus brings.

For more information about topics visit her speaking page.

Do you believe you are who God says you are?

Amy recently spoke at her church about our identity as children of God. Preview a short snippet by clicking the video.

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About Amy

So, to get the ball rolling…

I have a few passions.

I am crazy for my FAMILY. No one challenges, inspires, maddens, and encourages me like my guys. I am fiercely protective over my marriage, and while it’s had its share of ups and downs, Chad and I continue to choose to love and lift each other up. And, parenting. Wow, nothing has taught me more about the love of a perfect Heavenly Father more than parenthood- especially now with two teenage sons: Jacob and Ben. It’s an honor to walk alongside (and sometimes pushing or dragging) our sons as God is shaping them into the men He wants them to be.

COMMUNITY is a must.

While I’m actually an introvert at heart and absolutely relish my “me time”, I will knock down walls and fight my calendar for time with friends. And, while it’s great to cut up into hysterics, I cherish the true, raw, gritty friendships that are earned over time.

My CHURCH is ah-mazing!

The story of how God lead my family to The Summit Church is alone a beautiful and crazy one, but the reasons for which He did so continue to unfold. After a career as a School Counselor, God opened the door for me to step into a staff role at our church in 2012, and I am currently the Serve (Outreach) Director for one of our locations. Ministry has graced me with a front row seat to the love of Jesus- as it is received and shared! Coupled with my passion for local missions, I also jump at any chance I can to join one of our international short term mission teams to either Nicaragua or West Africa. I’m forever grateful to Compassion International for connecting our family with Deyvin- isn’t he the cutest?!? 

And (you knew it was coming!),
I love JESUS!

I grew up in a Christian home, so I’ve always known about Jesus. And, I really tried to play the part of the “good Christian girl” as I’d somehow along the way interpreted my relationship with Jesus as being based on my good works and behavior. I needed to deserve His love and sacrifice; it doesn’t take a psychologist to recognize that this erroneous viewpoint shaped me into a people pleaser.

Then, at the age of 21, my life was irrevocably changed by the sudden and tragic death of my mom. Twenty-four years later, God continues to lovingly reveal just how much this loss affected me, especially when it has come to my view of Jesus. Fortunately, in order to survive my grief, I had to keep clinging to something, and thankfully I chose Jesus. Through that process I began to intimately know the real Him. A light bulb went off. I realized and accepted His great and unconditional love for me; His voice in my ear whispering, “I’ve got you”. A monumental shift took place- my “good works” are now in response to His love for me- no longer the other way around. The life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. The joy of my life is now serving, loving, and leading others to receive and share this truth for themselves within their unique personal story.

It is my hope and prayer that the messages and words Jesus shares through me will empower others to see His hand in their lives- even when, or especially when, they feel forgotten, cast aside, or broken beyond repair. It would be my highest honor if you would like to join me along this journey.

Now you have it: just a bit about me, a lot of Jesus,
and now you, to share His story with.