“Of course, you know those incredible women whose powerful stories enable them to see the unfolding narrative of our world. Amy stands among those women. What is truly remarkable is being in the same room when she takes those stories and creates a collision with ours. Like the crafting of a beautiful piece of art, you do not escape what you have experienced.”

Randy Honeycutt, attendee

For the Event Planner:

I know that you take your position as an Event Planner seriously and are investing a great deal of time and energy to plan and execute a wonderful event for your attendees. I would be honored to be a part of your event, and would treat my role with great care. In working with me, you can expect:

  • Prompt and courteous responses to your inquiry.
  • A phone or video conference call to determine how I can help ensure a successful and meaningful event.
  • A professional and captivating message that aligns with the theme and expectations for your event that engages and encourages your attendees.
  • Full commitment and availability to you and your attendees during the event.

In a nutshell, my goal is to make YOU look good!


Speaking Topics

Check out this list of messages that can be adjusted to fit your audience and goals. Or, if there is a specific theme for your event, Amy can work with you to craft a custom made message that will promote and enhance your theme.

If I Were God…

Who wouldn’t relish a face to face conversation with God?

If given the opportunity, we’d all have a few questions for Him: “Why did you allow that?” or “Why didn’t you choose to prevent this?” Maybe we’d even have the nerve to let Him know how we would’ve handled things quite differently.  

Through this message, Amy will encourage you to: 

● Embrace the limp that often accompanies the blessing.

● Recognize His goodness, even when life doesn’t feel good.

● Live in the freedom that is found when we choose faith over frustrations.

Where are You, God?!?

Often, it can feel like God has simply checked out on our lives.

We find ourselves in seasons where we feel forgotten, broken, and alone. Even two of Jesus’ closest friends, Mary and Martha, felt that way when their brother, Lazarus, died. “Lord, if only you’d been here, our brother wouldn’t have died.” Amy can identify with this grief, and through this message, she will partner her personal journey with this beloved story from scripture to encourage you to:

● Relinquish your prison of pain and seize the comfort of healing

● Break down walls in order to grasp the gift of community

● Find joy through the healing process

Identity Theft Protection

Many of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy.

Are we good enough? Will we ever measure up? Maybe if I just try a little bit harder, then I’ll feel ___ (successful, lovable, worthy, attractive, etc.). Through this encouraging and raw message, you’ll learn to:

● Overcome the insecurities that cripple the freedom God has in store for you.

● Establish a practical 3 step plan to protect your identity from the lies of Satan.

● Step off the hamster wheel of performance, and live in the freedom that your identity is secure in Jesus.

C.A.U.L.K.: Filling the Cracks in Your Marriage with 5 Essentials for a Firm Foundation

Every union will eventually generate cracks, cracks that if ignored can produce serious, long-term damage.

This message will empower you to join hands with your spouse, roll up your sleeves, and get out the caulk gun! You will learn to:

● Structure strategic guardrails to optimize the priorities of your marriage

● Quickly recognize threats to your marriage in order to minimize damage

● Anchor your union in the audacity of hope

Claiming a Life of Courage

No one is immune to trials and difficulties in life.

And often, as each hit comes our way, we unknowingly add one more brick to the wall of protection we are constructing around our hearts. Fear and anxiety are the worst roadblocks to the freedom that awaits us! Through this message, we’ll discover how to:

● Identify triggers of fear and call them out

● Stop focusing on what’s missing and build upon what’s present

● Embrace a perspective of joy no matter the current circumstances

Unleashed: Moving Forward in Freedom

We all have a past.

And, each of us can look back and see moments we wish we could erase, whether that was due to a regret on our part or a hurt that another person caused. While our stories are all unique, one thing is true for each of us. If we don’t learn to relinquish the chains from our past, we’ll never discover how to move forward in freedom. Through this message, Amy weaves biblical truths with her own personal story, empowering attendees to:

● Abandon the self imposed prison of shame that threatens peace and joy

● Replace the limitations of bitterness with the progress of forgiveness

● Accept true transformation by letting go of past mistakes and hurts

Let’s talk about your event.